New in 2024: All you need to know about the GFG Foundation Student Programme throughout Australia

2022: Introduction to the GFG Foundation Student Programme in Australia

Information for mentors

Find out more about the GFG Foundation student programme in Australia and how you can get involved as a mentor

2022: Launch of the student programme in Rotherham

This video shows the launch of the pilot student programme in Rotherham, delivered in partnership with the Engineering Development Trust (EDT).

2021: GFG Foundation Community Consultation Meeting, George Town, Tasmania, Australia

Learn more about how the GFG Foundation engaged with the local community to shape the development of education programmes for young people in Bell Bay, Tasmania.

2023: Education Gala event

In 2022, the GFG Foundation Romania were the primary sponsor of the annual Gala of Excellence in Education. Around 650 students in grades V-XII, were recognised for their outstanding achievements in education, sport and music.


Foundation Programmes

We do this through running school programmes in areas that GFG Alliance has a significant presence in. These programmes help give students some important skills to help them towards being job-ready after school. These include STEM based learning programmes.

The GFG Foundation seeks to address the emerging gap in industry skills by presenting a modern and sustainable perspective on industrial.

Investing in Future Generations