Investing in
Future Generations

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Student Programmes

In order to achieve this, we have developed bespoke Student Programmes for high school students in these areas. To ensure the highest levels of excellence, we teamed up with CSIRO and Prince’s Trust Australia to help us deliver these programmes. 

In Whyalla (SA), Newcastle (NSW) and George Town (Tas) we run Year 9 and 10 Programmes annually. Whyalla is in its 4th year of the programme, Newcastle in its second and we are proud to launch in George Town this year. In addition to these, we will also be launching a Year 7 and 8 Programme in Whyalla this year, which in time will be rolled out into the other markets.

These programmes run after school, once a week over two terms for the 9 and 10 Programme and one term for the year 8 and 9 Programme.



An important part of succeeding in life is the ability for young people to work with those older and more experienced than them. To give them experience of this, we have volunteer mentors who work with the students on a weekly basis.

They are all GFG employees who generously give up their time to help our students. Their work closely with a small team of students to hep them with STEM learning as well as impart some of their knowledge and experience of the community and the work opportunities within it.


We are gathering lots of photos and videos of all the hard work the students and staff at GFG Foundation are doing.

The Foundation focuses on programmes to support people, particularly young people, to reach their potential and strengthen industries and local communities by boosting skills and employment prospects.

Along the way, our people are involved through mentoring programs and transfer their skills, knowledge and experience to the next generation.


About Us

The GFG Foundation (Australia) Ltd is a registered charity with the ACNC. We are governed by a board of 5 members, to find out more about them, please click below. If you would like to contact us please click below


Foundation Programmes

We do this through running school programmes in areas that GFG Alliance has a significant presence in. These programmes help give students some important skills to help them towards being job-ready after school. These include STEM based learning programmes.

The GFG Foundation seeks to address the emerging gap in industry skills by presenting a modern and sustainable perspective on industrial.

Investing in Future Generations